Mask of Death Live Wallpaper

Mask of Death Live Wallpaper

Mask of Death Live Wallpaper

If you like horror, install this creepy, scary and grim animated live wallpaper of an evil skull floating on your phone screen. See the video for a clearer idea about the wallpaper.


*Adjustable speed.

*Option to select one of the four most common resolutions - 480x854, 480x800, 320x480 and 240x320 (by default 480x800).
If the resolution of your device is not there in the list - choose one that looks best on your device.
Since 480x800 is the "default", if your device has a resolution of 480x800, when changing resolutions in options will not see any changes.

*Can be moved to SD Card(App2SD support).If you need more phone memory space, please move this live wallpaper to SD card.Please note that if you use this feature for any live wallpaper, it will be disabled if you reboot or unmount your SD card. In this case, you will have to reselect Mask of Death for your live wallpaper.

TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers-> Select Mask of Death from the list.

Application will show one ad every day in our notification bar.

The permissions are for ads and it does not get any personal information.Thank you for understanding.


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