Naruto - Sharingan LITE LWP

Naruto - Sharingan LITE LWP

LITE ver- Sharingan from Naruto spins on your homescreen in this live wallpaper.

LITE version - Watch as Kakashi's Sharingan spins right on your homescreen. This is a live wallpaper based on Naruto. Sharingan is one of the most popular Uchiha ninja techniques as this animated artwork illustrates a close up of the eye.

This artwork is not intended to represent the anime version 100%, but rather my interpretation of it in a more realistic way. There is also the option to change the rotational speed of the Sharingan.

This is the free LITE version. The video preview below displays the FULL version. FULL version includes -
1) Mangeky┼Ź / Mangekyou Sharingan (Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye)
2) Mist animations
3) Kakashi's breathing animation
4) Better quality eye
5) More detailed and clearer textures

If there are any errors please email me. If you like it, please rate and review. I promise to add more features if there are good feedbacks.

HOW TO SET LIVE WALLPAPER - Yep you read it right, I get 2 emails a day asking why the wallpaper is not appearing in the apps section, where's the app, etc... Some leave bad ratings and never change it sigh. To set it, press menu button -> wallpaper -> live wallpapers -> select Naruto - Sharingan LITE.

Galaxy Nexus Users - There has been reports that the phone cannot run certain OpenGL live wallpapers on the android market. It is Google's fault; not the developers. There isn't a solution to fix this yet, at least not in the open source community. Hopefully the ICS update will make the phone compatible with live wallpapers.

UPDATE - Due to surprisingly rude emails and harsh ratings, Galaxy Nexus users' access to this lwp has been disabled until Google does something with the stock ICS.


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